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As a contractor whose expertise is in finding innovative and personalized building solutions, Haley has built a diverse portfolio of both residential and commercial projects. Only Haley could restore the historical Elk’s Theatre, maintain multi-year contracts with Yavapai College, and build custom luxury homes in the most remote areas. Our custom-tailored approach has led to a high level of client satisfaction, evidenced by our repeat clientele and longevity in the industry throughout Yavapai County, Verde Valley, and the state of Arizona.


We are committed to our clients. With decades of industry experience, we understand better than anyone else that the relationship between us must be strong. Armed with a core set of values that drive our relationships, we deliver a seamless process from beginning to end that puts the dream back into building.

General Contracting

Since the beginning, we’ve always centered our services around the needs of our clients. Over all that time, we’ve never strayed away from the piece that sets us apart: our innate ability to provide solutions for each building and client, demonstrating our depth of local relationships, generations of experienced builders, and our on-the-fly creative problem solving.

Commercial Construction

With experience across a wide variety of projects, we have delivered numerous buildings in the following market sectors that go above and beyond expectations: industrial, higher education, medical, aviation, retail, municipal, highly technical projects, and green projects. We thrive on large challenging projects because it allows us to think outside of the box and draw on our years of expertise.

Residential Construction

Northern Arizona is the perfect place to build your once-in-a-lifetime home. Found a beautiful piece of remote land, but don’t know how a builder could access it? We are energized by logistically challenging projects because we know that some of the best views are worth the effort. Many of our custom home and whole-home remodel clients worked with us on commercial projects first, trusting only us to build their dream home.

Historic Rehabilitation

Part of what makes Arizona unique is the number of historic buildings that have seen years of use and weathering. When we perform historic rehabilitation, not only do we see a part of history live on, but we take the time to get it as close to the original as possible while remaining within budget. The Elk’s Theatre, Hassayampa Inn, and the Tis Art Gallery are some of our favorites.

Project Delivery Methods

Haley takes on the responsibilities regarding the budget and schedule, resulting in fluid project delivery throughout some of the most complex design projects. We thrive during projects with budget and schedule pressure, because it allows us to come alongside the entire project team to achieve collaborative success.


We believe CMAR lends itself best to clients who need speed-to-market and intense design collaboration within the project team. The alignment between the owner, designer, and Haley throughout a CMAR project results in a collaborative, trusting, and non-adversarial method that is backed by our culture and set of core values.


Design-build is a method where Haley works under a single contract with the project owner to provide design and construction services quickly and cost effectively. From initial concept through completion, communication is streamlined between us and designers, resulting in less admin work and a team that is fully committed to controlling costs and delivering a building that goes above and beyond what was initially imagined.

Design Bid-Build

Design-Bid-Build involves the owner contracting separately with a design firm and general contractor. The step-by-step process involves design, construction documents, bidding, and then beginning construction. This process is straight-forward, direct, and all communication flows through the owner. Construction begins when 100% of the documents are complete and ready for bid.

Job Order Contracting (JOC)

JOC is usually a multi-year construction contract allowing our team to respond to the changing needs of our clients. Haley provides construction services to recurring project needs and has the ability to execute a maintenance backlog.

Construction Management

Our state-of-the-art technology, innovative processes, and long-lasting relationships with project partners offer clients efficient and thorough communication throughout the entire project process.

Preconstruction & Estimating

Laying the groundwork for a successful project begins during preconstruction. We provide detailed cost estimating that includes knowledge about marketplace conditions and labor costs. That knowledge then drives us to provide options for making sure the budget is achieved, while not sacrificing any of the client’s original vision. During preconstruction, we investigate alternative systems, explore energy efficiencies, and collaborate with the owner and architect to review project compliance and budget forecasts.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering is a budget refinement tool, not a budget recovery strategy. By putting together a Target-Value Design (TVD) early on, costs inform our team throughout the design stages, reducing large budget variances and the need for value engineering. From there, we work to put together a preliminary list of cost-saving options that allow the client to pick and choose which areas they feel most comfortable with.

Green Building

Haley is a strong advocate of the principles and practices of sustainable building. To us, this means we support the goals of resource efficiency (energy and water), improved occupant health, decreasing waste, and reducing operation and maintenance costs. Although many of these goals are dependent of the building’s design, we are able to make an impact in the areas of construction waste management and indoor air quality during construction – regardless of whether the project is seeking LEED certification.

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